June 30
12:00 pm

Annual Picnic
The fun starts at Harmon-Patridge Park (Green Meadows) at the end of Chippewa Trail in Owosso. Enjoy all your favorite picnic activities, bingo, as well as a great cookout. You're welcome to walk the trails or bring your own fishing pole. Please bring a passing dish. Meat, beverage and tables service will be provided. Please contact Joyce at (989) 277-4520 with any questions.

July 28
12:15 pm

Canoe/Kayak Trip with Dinner
Paddle through the beautiful scenery and see nature at its best. Laugh and splash along the Chippewa River. You may want to bring a change of clothing. On our return trip we will stop in Mt. Pleasant for dinner. Meet across the side street from McDonald's in Owosso at 12:15 pm. Canoe rental in $19.50 and a kayak is $22.00. Contact Joyce to reserve your (989) 277-4520.

August 25
2:00 pm

Putt Putt Golf/Dinner
Enjoy a leisurely round of non-traditional putt-putt golf at Hawk Hollow Golf Course, 1506 Chandler Rd. in Bath, Mi. Meet across the side street from McDonald's in Owosso at 2 p.m. to carpool or at the golf course at 3 p.m. Cost is $7.00. Dinner follows at your own expense at Jimmy's Restaurant. Contact Mike at (989) 721-0508 with any questions.

September 29
5:30 pm

Enjoy a beautiful setting for this fall favorite. Walk through some nature trails. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows on the open fire. Sing around the campfire. A laid-back relaxing evening for all. Bring a lawn chair and your favorite snack. Hot dogs, marshmallows, and drinks will be provided. Take M-52 and I-69. Go east about a mile to 2050 W. Bennington Rd. Contact Joyce at (989) 277-4520 with any questions.