Community Christian Singles

When you said, “Seek my face,” my heart said to you, “I will seek your face, LORD.”  Psalm 27:8 (WEB)

All programs are at Caledonia Township Hall, across from Meijer's, 135 N State Road, Owosso, MI
(unless location is otherwise specified)


Date / Time EVENT
February 9th, Thursday 7:00 PM "The Trouble with Trouble"

LIfe has a way of moving in unexpected directions. How we deal with these disruptions are key to successfully navigating their impact. Jerry Walden, LMSW and pastor at Owosso First Church of the Nazarene, will share insights on how to prepare for the unexpected and strategies for addressing them when they come. He will focus on dealing with anger, anxiety, and depression.

March 9th, Thursday 7:00 PM "Praying Through Adversity"

When life throws us curve balls, we must be able to respond with thanksgiving and deep intercession for those who offend us. Revenge for a Christian is never an option. Tim Whelan, pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Owosso for nearly 31 years will share on this challenging topic.

Social Activities

Date / Time EVENT
February 25th, Saturday 5:30 PM "Pizza and Movie Night"

You're invited to a movie night at the Enlow's in Owosso. We will begin the evening with a pizza dinner and end with dessert. You will be able to select from several popular movies. Cost is by donation. Any questions, and for the address of the event, call or text Mike at 989-721-0508 or e-mail him at

March 25th, Saturday, Dinner at 5:00 PM, Games begin at 6:30 PM "Potluck Taco Dinner/Game Night/Euchre Tournement"

Come and enjoy a delicious meal and fun games. A taco potluck begins the evening followed by our annual Euchre Tournement, or play your favorite card or board game. Meet at the Owosso Church of Christ, 2005 S. M-52, just south of Owosso. Please park in the back of the church. Call or text Joyce at 989-277-4520 or e-mail her at to sign up for a passing dish.